Ottobre Hoodie for Katie

This is called the Star Hoodie from Ottobre. I don’t love it. First off, it’s not pink or purple. LOL Secondly, I don’t love sewing with velour. And third, I just don’t love how the cross front lays. I think I may sew it shut and remove the tab. But it’s wearable and is “OK” I guess.
Don’t ask why I took so many pictures of something I don’t even like!! LOL

Jeans, shirt, & hoodie for Katie

She loved the hoodie… until I put it on her head! LOL She (both kids do actually) has sensory issues with her head and hair. It’s an Ottobre pattern, as is the purple/ floral cross front shirt, which I love BTW! It’s made from a baby blanket from Target that I got on clearance.

She really was not in the mood to model for me with these jeans. They are Farbenmix Dortje, of course. I have finally figured out what bugs me about this pattern. I love the fit but it doesn’t have the panels above the back pockets. I will need to add that next time. I think they totally make a pair of jeans! I purposely leave them off of Jake because he’s a wheelchair sitter and doesn’t need the extra bulk back there, or the design since no one will see it. But Katie walks. The heart shirt modeled with the jeans are from a previous post. :-)

Last pair of jeans for Jake this year

I sewed these jeans for Jake a couple weeks ago. Somehow they were too short. If he were able to stand they would have been fine, but because he sits in his wheelchair all day, and because we tend to hike his pants up in the back to cover his diaper (yes I do sew them taller in the back to cover the diaper, but it’s difficult getting him in the chair by myself so the pants aren’t always positioned just right) anyway, somehow when we put him in the chair they were too short, so I ripped open the hems and added an extra 5 or 6 inch panel at the cuffs. I had run out of the denim I had used, so it doesn’t exactly match LOL, but it doesn’t look bad. They are adapted from an Ottobre elastic waist jeans pattern, adapted with a yoga waistband and higher rear rise for diaper coverage and wheelchair sitter.

I keep planning on doing a tutorial on raising the rear rise to cover a diaper, but I always forget! And these are the last pair that I will be sewing for Jake till next year (hopefully LOL) I promise to try and put up a tutorial for that… sometime… LOL
Oh and forgot these! These were part of Jake’s back to school. Again, all adapted from Ottobre. THIS is why I won’t need to sew any for a while!

Back To School Sewing 2010

I’ve finished the majority of our back to school wardrobe. Jake needs 2 more pair of jeans and Katie needs 1 more and maybe some hoodies, but those can wait.

First up is 3 pair of Ottobre jeans for Jake. One pair I did regular with a zipper. This was my first jeans zipper. Totally not worth the effort! It came out great but it took me forever to figure it out. I only did it cause I thought it would make it easier to get his pants up because all of his old elastic waist ones from last year, I just couldn’t get over his hips, therefore I thought the opened up zipper would be easier. But what I found was that the old ones were so hard to pull up because well…. he grew… 3 sizes, and they were just way too small! LOL So the new ones I made actually fit and go up over his hips just fine. So we’ll stick with those!
Katie’s wardrobe is a bit more fun!
This top is Farbenmix Antonia and the jeans are Farbenmx Kim
This shirt is Farbenmix Antonia or Quiara, I forget and the jeans are Farbenmix Dortje which I embroidered freehand:
Next, this shirt is from Ottobre and the jeans are Farbenmix Dortje again, just plain.
This pink striped shirt is from Ottobre and I know it looks bad. It wasn’t completely dry and the flash accentuated the wet spots. I was impatient! LOL
This shirt is Farbenmix Antonia, just made really plainly:
And this shirt is Ottobre Orvokki:
These shorts started out as Ottobre “Pants with Frills”. I cut out the uppers but when it came time to cut out the “frills” I just couldn’t do it. It was just too FROO FROO. SO I hemmed them into shorts and added the pocket from Ottobre Sailor Pants.

PJs for Jake

I FINALLY got Jake’s pajamas finished up! WOO HOO!!! They took me forever! I used Ottobre patterns to start for both top and bottom, and altered. The top is Otto basic tee pattern (Creative Workshop?) that I altered into a onesie (instructions here). The first one, I cut the neck hole too small as you can see it’s kinda tight on him, but corrected the rest of them. And the bottoms are Otto 6/2009 and I added french terry knee patches, raised the rear seat to accommodate his diaper height, and I also added buttonhole elastic.

Katie Kangaroo

I’ve had the pant and dress finished for a while now, just waiting to find time to do the shirt. But I finally got it done yesterday. In Katie’s preK class, they use symbols to represent their names, such as Isabella, her’s may be a picture of an igloo. Well Katie’s is a picture if a kangaroo. The kids may not be able to read each other’s names, but they can identify a picture.

Anyway. I found this kangaroo fabric a while back and had to have it! This is what I came up with. The jeans are Otto 3/2005 #15 and the shirt is 1/2007 #18. The dress is Kwik Sew 3673 shortened into a pinafore.

FarbenApples & OttoCords

I finished up this set for Katie. I loved the shirt until I added the big brown collar! I didn’t have any other ribbing that matched. So to balance it out, I decided to do the bottoms in brown too. I think that it does balance out the big dark collar, but kinda looks a bit boyish to me. But anytoot.

I love how the contrasting topstitching on the shorts look! I started topstitching in brown and didn’t like it so I ripped it out and did green and I think it really makes the shorts.
The shirt is Antonia by Farbrnmix and I used Chez Ami apples, stripes, and solid pink. The shorts are Ottobre 3/2006 Sailor Pants (cut into shorts). Brown cord.

Christmas Sewing

I didn’t get to finish all of my Christmas sewing because Katie was sick and in the hospital, but here is what I got done in time.

A bag for Katie’s teacher.

Scarves for family.

Plastic bag/Grocery bag holders, also gifts for family.

Here is what I finished up after Christmas. They were meant to be Christmas gifts for the kids, but I didn’t have time to finish them until this weekend.

A new wheelchair cape for Jake.

A Hello Kitty Hoodie and a pair of jeans. Both patterns from Ottobre.

Katie’s Thanksgiving Shirt

This is the Thanksgiving shirt I sewed for dd that I messed up. When I was clipping the hem, I accidentally cut the coverhemming and the front fabric!! I got it fixed as best as I could and it’s ok, I guess. The fray check dried mostly clear enough, BUT it’s all hard a scratchy on the inside. I think it’s long enough not to touch any skin though, so it’ll be ok. No one will notice the pucker I’m sure, so I’m ok with it as long as it doesn’t scratch her tummy.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a short pattern or if I just traced/cut it on the wrong size hem, but it was too short (would have been if I had hemmed it, and my dd is short so most things are too long on her!) Anyway, so I add the faux double layer on the bottom, which actually kinda ties in with the double sleeves, so I think it looks good. I did not do the shirring, instead I just did gathers (on both front and back).

This is the “Orvokki” from Ottobre 1/2009 with a Thanksgiving/turkey print from The Fabric Fairy that says “gobble”.

I put it on her and she started signing “pretty” “purple”.

Turtleneck for Katie

I decided to finally get this thing sewed up yesterday! It’s just a simple turtleneck. Nothing fancy at all. Just a simple basic piece to wear under other stuff. It’s Ottobre 4/2007 # 18.