Tons of Tutes- Odds & Ends

All links are to various tutorials around the net. They are not mine unless marked as such. By clicking on a link, you will be navigating away from THIS site. You may want to right click and open in a new tab so that you don’t get lost! (how do you think I found so many links? LOLIf you would like to link to my Tons of Tutes list, here is the master list: Tons of Tutes

Keychain Quickie Luggage Tag
Wristlet Key Fob
Garden Toolbelt Roll-Up Tutorial Needle Book
Wellness Bag Checkbook cover
CD Holder /card book Abraham Owl
CD “Pocket” Gift Pocket
Notionette – A Carryall for Serger Notions Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Mat
Cup Cozy and Can Cozy Eyeglass Case Set
Suitcase Tag Seminole Pieced Eyeglass Case
Purse Tissue Cover Caterpiller Eyeglass case
Coupon/Money Holder road-trip neck pillow
The Perfect Mat Checkbook Cover
Coffee Cozy Sewing Supplies Case/Pouch
Big Apple Pin Cushion Wine Tote
Needle Book Fabric Shopping Bag
Wedding Pillows
Pretty Pincushions Thumb Pin Cushions
Square Deal Pin Cushion Covered Tape Measure Tutorial
Thread Catcher Tutorial Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial
Business Card Holder Tutorial
Make Fabric Labels Wrist Pincushion and Give-away
DIY Therapy sacks Log Cabin Block Pincushion Tutorial
Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion Pin Cushion
Seatbelt Sleeves Wrist Pin Cushion
House Shaped Pouch patchwork apple
Mini Patchwork Pin Cushion

Am I missing a link to a great tute? Would you like to have your tutorial listed here? Leave me a comment!

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