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Cotton Wovens

Fabric Choices (page 2 of 4)

Fabrics are for products (bibs & pads) to be sewn. These fabrics are not for Ponchos or Bodysuits.  I do not sell fabric.

Woven Solids (quilter's fabric)

Please keep in mind that the pics listed here are not 100% accurate. A photo can't really show the exact shading and every monitor will show slightly different.













WS-07 Navy


WS-08 Windsor Blue


WS-09 Candy Blue

Candy Blue

WS-10 Light Blue

Light Blue

WS-11 Royal Blue

Royal Blue


WS-12 Delft Blue


WS-12 Delft Blue


WS-12 Delft Blue


WS-12 Delft Blue


WS-13 Turq


WS-12 Delft Blue


WS-14 Cyan


Dark Teal

Jade Green



Spring Green

WS-16 Dark Green

Dark Green

WS-15 Clover

Clover Green

Sour Apple

WS-19 Lime






Morning Glory



Bright Periwinkle


Dark Pink



Candy Pink

Light Pink



Rich Red






The colors above are available. I have included the pics below to try and show the differences in shade.

Tonal-01 Turq


Tonal-03 Purple

Tonal-04 Lime

Tonal-05 Olive

Tonal-06 Aqua


Tonal-07 Orange


Tonal-09 Charcoal

Tonal-10 Pink

Tonal-11 Lavender 

Tonal-12 Royal


Tonal- 13 Dark Roses

Tonal-14 Yellow Dragonfly

Tonal-15 Turq Dragonfly

Tonal-16 Lavender Dragonfly

Tonal-17 Purple Butterfly

Tonal-18 Pink Butterfly

Woven Prints (quilter's fabric)
CB-01 Orange Flames

CB-02 Red Flames Dragon (no g-tube pads)

CB-03 Big Guitars on Black


CB-04 Monster Trucks Black


CB-05 Footballs & Helmets

CB-06 Doggies on Blue

CB-07 Square Number Animals

CB-08 Baseball on Black

CB-09 Hiss Kiss

CB-10 MM Caribe Dots

CB-11 Firetruck Toss

CB-12 Colorful Old Hotrods

CB-13 Multicolor Chameleons

CB-14 Football Players


CB-15 Baseball Blue


CB-16 Pirate Kids on Red

CB-17 Boy Jobs

CB-18 Tools on Gray

CB-19 Geckos on Navy

CB-20 MM Lil Cowpokes

CB-21 Flames on Black


CB-22 Dino Squares Dark

CB-23 Kid Sports Boy Blue

CB-24 Red & Yellow Swirl Flames

CB-25 Fire Rider

CB-26 Fireballs (NO Gtube Pads)

CB-27 Skulls on Red

CB-28 Alien Ships on Black

CB-29 Space Aliens on Black

CB-30 Scouts

CB-31 Big Robot Squares (no g-tube pads)

CB-32  Big Colorful Dragons

CB-33 Dinosaurs


CB-34 Dinos on Blue


CB-35 Football Pups


CB-36 Construction on Blue (no g-tube pads)

CB-37 Wrestling Belts

Motorcycles & Flames


CB-38 Motorcycles & Flames

 Motorcycles & Flames

CB-39 All Star Cards (no g-tube pads)

CB-40 Future All Stars (no g-tube pads)

CB-41 Pirate Skulls Black

CB-42 Black Robots & Trains


CB-43 John Cena

CB-44 Super Kids Boys CB-45 Dino Bones CB-46 Dinos on Black CB-47  CB-48 

CB-49 Camo


CB-50 Nautical CB-51 Just Baseballs CB-52 Just Footballs

 CB-53 Just Soccer Balls

CB-54 Just Basketballs

CB-55 Dogs in Circles


CB-57 Blue Dragons


CB-58 Sailboats Blue

CB-59 Rockets

CB-60 Eternal Love Skulls


CB-61 Newsprint Motorcycles

CB-62 Biker 4 Life Gold

CB-63 Motorcycles & Maps

CB-64 Biker 4 Life Red 

CB-65 Robots on Black


CB-66 Robots 2

CGN-01 Real Dogs

 Real Dogs

CGN-02 Smileys Black

Smileys Black 

CGN-03 Candy Shop

CGN-04 Tropical Fish on Blue

CGN-05 Two By Two Blue

CGN-06 Glam Skulls Glitter

CGN-07 Gears



CGN-08 Patchwork Black & Blue

CGN-09 Cupcakes on Black

CGN-10 BBQ Patch

CGN-11 Puzzle Pieces

CGN-12 Jig Saw 2

CGN-13 Dogs in Red Bandana Squares

CGN-14 Wizard of Pawz

CGN-15 Cupcakes on White

CGN-16 Motorcycles USA (no g-tube pads)

CGN-17 Waving Flags

CGN-18 Tie Dye Soccer

CGN-19 God Bless America

CGN-20 Rainbow Peace Signs 

CGN-21 Skittles

CGN-24 Jungle Babies Patches

CGN-23 King of Kings

CGN-24 Faith Words

CGN-25 Flags & Motorcycles

CGN-26 Puppies in Baskets


CGN-27 Orange Tossed Cats

CGN-28 Cowboy Hats on Black

CGN-29 Cowboy Boots on Black

CGN-30 Horses

CGN-31 United We Stand

CGN-32 Republican


CGN-33 Democrat


CGN-34 Police Badges

CGN-35 Pinecones


CGN-36 Numbers on Black

CGN-37 Bandana Squares Purple

CGN-38 Bandana Squares Hunter

CGN-39 Bandana Squares Kelly


CGN-40 Bandana Squares Lime

CGN-41 Bandana Squares Tan CGN-42 Bandana Squares Brown

CGN-43 Bandana Squares Royal

CGN-44 Bandana Squares Turq

CGN-45 Bandanna Squares Aqua

CGN-46 Black/Gray Paisley


CGN-47 Pastel Aqua Paisley


CGN-48 Darker Pink Bandana


CGN-49 Pink Bandanna Squares


CGN-50 Dark Red Bandana Squares

Red Bandanna Squares


CGN-51 Bright Red Bandana Squares

Bright Red Bandanna Squares

CGN-52 Bandana Squares Orange

Orange Bandanna Squares

CGN-53 Bandana Squares Black

Black Bandanna Squares

CGN-54 Bandana Squares Denim Color

Denim Bandanna Squares

CGN-55 Bandanna Paisley Red

CGN-56 Bandanna Paisley Royal


CGN-57 Bandanna Paisley Navy

CGN-5Bandanna Paisley Black

 CGN-59 Big Blue Paisley

 CGN-60 Safari Animals

Safari Animals

  CGN-61 Candy Apples

 CGN-62 Fried Chicken (no g-tube pads)

CGN-63 Gummy Worms

CGN-64 Multicolor Chevron

CGN-65 Patriotic Flip Flops

 CGN-66 Colorful Flip Flops 

CGN-67 USA Country

CGN-68 US Navy (no g-tube pads)

CGN-69 Ikebana (no sz small or medium)  CGN-70 Colorful Bikes (no g-tube pads)

CGN-71 Colorful Elephants

Colorful Elephants

CGN-72 Ziggy Cat Dots

CGN-73 Sliders

CGN-74 Clown Fish

CGN-75 Fire Pups

CGN-76 Kids World

CGN-77 Light Houses (no g-tube pads)

CGN-78 Piranhas

CGN-79 Fired Up Dalmatians

CGN-80 CMA Buckles (no g-tube pads)

CGN-81 Country Fair Paisley

CGN-82 Sweet Dreams

CGN-83 Fire Fighter Equipment

CGN-84 Vintage Fish (no g-tube pads)

CGN-85 Planets


CGN-86 In Space Astronauts Black (no g-tube pads)

CGN-87 Space Walk

CGN-88 Barfing Unicorns

Bucking Horses

Blue Cupcakes

CGN-91 Coke Toss

Coke Toss`

CGN-92 Coke

 CGN-93 Coke Country  CGN-94 Colorful Boots

 CGN-95 London Pooch

 CGN-96 Sugar Skulls on Black

 CGN-97 Black & Red Dots on White

CGN-98 ABC Black

 ABC on Black

CGN-99 Butterfly Flags


 CGN-101 CGN Flower Power Butterfly

Blue Flakes

CGN-103 Foxes

CGN-104 Hearts & Crosses

CGN-105 Airplanes on Blue

CGN-106 Baby Tigers

CGN-107 Forest Friends

CGN-108 Giraffes

CGN-109 No Bully Words

CGN-110 No Bully Signs White

CGN-111 No Bully Signs Dark


CGN-112 Emoji Black


CGN-113 Fire Dept


CGN-114 Dolphin Safari

CGN-115 Island Dolphins

CGN-116 Whales

CGN-117 Ocean Life


CGN-118 Ocean Selfies


CGN-119 Colorful Soccer Balls

CGN-120 Skulls & Roses

CGN-121 Land of the Free

CGN-122 Cute Deer

CGN-123 Cajun


CGN-124 Love My Dog(no g-tube pads)

Wolves (gray)

Wolves (blue)

CGN-127 Vintage Camp Trailers

CGN-128 Cherries on Black

CGN-129 Photo Strawberries

CGN-130 Chocolate Covered Strawberries


CGN-131 Bacon & Eggs on Black

CGN-132 Pancakes

CGN-133 Zebra Print


CGN-134 Cheetah Print

CGN-135 Leopard Print

CGN-136 Purple Skin Print

CGN-137 Giraffe 1 Light Print

CGN-138 Giraffe 2 Dark Print

CGN-139 Cow Print

CGN-140 Big Dots on Brown  CGN-141 Big Dots on Orange  CGN-142 Big Dots on Lime
CGN-143 Red Chevron

CGN-144 Black Gold Chevron (Metallic) 

CGN-145 Foxes on Black

Monster Spots


CGN-147 Fire Rescue 

CGN-148 Dog Selfies

CGN-149 Money 

 CGN-150 Colorful Feathers

CGN-151 Tie Dye

CGN-152 Instruments on Black

CGN-153 Colorful Music

CGN-154 Dreamcatchers Purple

CGN-155 Dreamcatchers Black

CGN-156 Kokopelli Black

CGN-157 Donuts

CGN-158 Real Cookies

CGN-159 Real Cupcakes

CGN-160 Real Baked Goods

CGN-161 Real Ice Cream

CGN-162 Real Frozen Fruit Pops

CGN-163 Real Pizza

CGN-164 Nautical Anchors


CGN-165 Movies Blue 

CGN-166 Chandelier Gypsy

 CGN-167 Blue & Red Camo

Blue & Red Camo

CGN-168 Light Pink & Black Camo

CGN-169 Red Black Camo


CGN-170 Pinks Camo


CGN-171 Desert Camo


CGN-172 Blaze Camo


CGN-173 Purples Camo

CGN-174 Psy Camo

CGN-175 Blue Camo

CGN-176 Greener Camo

CGN-177 JD Camo

CGN-178 Happy Birthday Aqua


CGN-179 Happy Birthday Black


 CGN-180 Real Horses 

CGN-181 Red & Gray Asian


CGN-182 Red Yellow Green Apples

CGN-183 Gummy Bear Glitter

CGN-184 Peppermints on Black

CGN-185 Bermuda Fish

CGN-186 Socks

CGN-187 Emoji Light



 CGN-188 Emoji Black


CGN-189 Bright Fireworks


CGN-190 Red, White, Blue Fireworks


CGN-191 Fireworks Blue


 CGN-192 Caring Hands

H-42 Merry Kids


H-46 Easter Chicks
  H-52 Christmas Scotties H-56 Winter Cardinals   H-57 Autumn Leaves

H-62 Jingle Polar Bears


CG-01 Rose Tea Party

CG-02 Urban Cats Brown

CG-03 Aurora Borealis (no g-tube pads) 


CG-04 Ballet on Black

Ballet on Black 

CG-05 Paper Dolls (Large Print best for sz L bibs) (no g-tube pads)

CG-06 Pastel Birds


CG-07 Purple & Blue Floral Paisley


CG-08 Red & White Daisies (no g-tube pads

CG-09 Angels on Blue (no g-tube pads)

CG-10 Spring in Paris (no g-tube pads)

CG-11 Flamingo Dots

CG-12 Suckers on Pink (no g-tube pads)

CG-13 Birds, Butterflies, & Flowers  (no g-tube pads)

CG-14 Bodilla Floral (no g-tube pads)


CG-15 Songbird Jewel  (no g-tube pads)


CG-16 MM Licorice Dots

CG-17 Cupcakes on Pink

CG-18 MM Purple Dots

CG-19 Paris Black

CG-20 Cats on Black

CG-21 Katerina Flower

 Katerina Flower

CG-22 Lady Bugs on Pink

CG-23 Floral Paisley

CG-24 Unicorns

CG-25 Hippie Vans (Large Scale, best for sz M+ bibs)  

CG-26 Ric Rac Stripes

CG-27 Pink Diamonds

CG-29 Diva Dogs

CG-30 Flowers Circles Butterflies

CG-31 Big Princesses
(NO Gtube Pads)

CG-32 Princesses & Unicorns (NO Gtube Pads)

CG-33 Space Cats

CG-34 Multi Hearts on White


CG-35 Ballerinas on Pink

CG-36 Pink & Metallic Bows


CG-37 Green Butterfly

CG-38 Pink Guitar Dream

CG-39  Fairies on Navy (no g-tube pads)

CG-40 Ballet on Light Pink

 Think Positive

CG-41 Lady Bugs on White (no g-tube pads)

CG-42 Fairy Princess Pink (no g-tube pads)

CG-43 Flowers/Circle Green

 CG-44 Flowering Around

 CG-45 Pen & Ink Butterflies

 CG-46 Carly Floral


 CG-47 Best Friends 

 CG-48 Pink Cowgirl

CG-49 Blue on Brown

CG-50 Girls Guitars

CG-51 Colorful Unicorns

CG-52 MM Lil Cowgirls (NO Gtube Pads)

CG-53 Super Kids Girls

CG-54 Girl Friends Princesses

CG-55 Japanese Garden Girls


CG-56 French Bell Blue (no g-tube pads)

CG-57 French Bell Yellow (sz Large & up only)

CG-58 Belle French Spruce (no g-tube pads)

CG-59 Lotus Lace Brown (no g-tube pads)

CG-60 Peacocks on Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

CG-61 Pink & Yellow Floral on Blue

CG-62 Damask Magenta Blue 

CG-63 Damask Teal Lime 

CG-64 Frog Prince

CG-65 Big Floral on Purple 

CG-66 Floral on Green

CG-67 Norwegian Woods

CG-68 Orange & Pink Owls on Blue

CG-69 Sorbet Dots

CG-70 Blue & Purple Paisley Metallic

CG-71 Pink Pigs

CG-72 Owls on Aqua

CG-73 Dogs & Hearts on Pink


CG-74 Princesses Blue


CG-75 Glitter Skulls

CG-76 Purple Wallpaper

 CG-77 Pink Ribbons

 CG-78 Spring Kitties

CG-79 Real Deer on Pink

Real Deer on Pink

CG-80 Darker Pink Dots

Darker Pink Dots

CG-81 Lighter Pink Dots

Lighter Pink Dots

CG-82 LOVE on Black

LOVE on Black

CG-83 Navy Flower Power

Navy Flower Power

CG-84 Purple Green Paisley

Navy Flower Power

 CG-85 Geisha Dolls Dark

Metallic Floral on Brown

 CG-86 Metallic Floral on BrownMetallic Floral on Brown

 CG-87 Tiaras


  CG-88 Paris Coral

  CG-89 Paris Blue

CG-90 Got Sunshine

 CG-91 Castles & Unicorns

CG-92 Unicorns & Rainbows

 CG-93 Unicorn Scene

CG-94 Twirly Ballerinas


CG-95 Madison Floral

 CG-96 Butterfly Floral Purple

CG-97 Babushka Floral

 CG-98 Brite Floral on Black

CG-99 Swans on Blue 

CG-100 Teal & Gray Floral 



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