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These are fabrics for our products. We do not sell fabric.
Girls Flannel
FG-01 Penguins on Pink FG-02 Roses FG-03 Big White Cats on Pink (Glitter) FG-04 Fairies on Blue FG-05 Birds on Branches Blue
FG-06  Rabbits & Deer on Pink FG-07 Pandas on Pink FG-08 Cats & Hearts on White FG-09 Frogs & Butterflies FG-10 Guitars & Hearts
FG-11 Monkey Circles Pink FG-12 Apples on Pink FG-13 Owls FG-14 Frog Faces Pink
FG-15 Think Positive
FG-16 Peace Signs on Blue
FG-17 Mimosa Daisy
FG-18 Argyle Hearts Dark FG-19 Bamboo & Pandas on Pink FG-20 Girly Girl
FG-21 Ladybugs on Blue FG-22 Monkey Bows on Pink FG-23 Pink Fairies on Blue FG-24 Cat & Mouse FG-25 Guitars on Pink
FG-26 Unicorns on Pink FG-27 Blue Birds on White FG-28 Birds on Branches White FG-29 Soccer Balls on Pink  FG-30 Pink Argyle Hearts
FG-31 Purple Deer FG-32 Dream Catcher Gray FG-33 Dream Catcher Wild & Free FG-34 Dream Catcher Believe FG-35 Swans
FG-36 Mermaid Scales Pink FG-37 Mermaid Scales Teal FG-38 Mermaid Coral Teal  FG-39 Mermaid Scales Rainbow FG-40 Teacups
FG-41 Llama Hearts  FG-42 Blue Robins FG-43 Sea Animals FG-44 Red & Teal Damask FG-45 Rainbow Mermaid
FG-46 Rainbow Butterfly FG-47 Poppies on Black FG-48 Photo Real Cats FG-49 Pink Floral Light FG-50 Pastel Floral
FG-51 Horses Dusty Pink FG-52 Hearts & Owls on Pink FG-53 Happy Girl Words FG-54 Floral Cats FG-55 Coral Watercolor Butterfly
FG-56 Butterfly on Orange   FG-58 Boho Mermaid Pink FG-59 Birds & Flowers Light FG-60 Tribal Animals
 Gender Neutral Flannel
FN-01 Raggedy Oz FN-02 Stars & Moons FN-03 Polar Bears & Penguins FN-04 Dogs on Clouds FN-05 Smiling Brown Monkeys
FN-06 Ducks FN-07 ABC  White FN-08 Pandas on Blue FN-09 Penguins in Scarves FN-10 Green Apples on Blue
FN-11 Dogs in Glasses FN-12 Puppies on Gray FN-13 Bowling on Blue FN-14 Milk & Cookies FN-15 Owls & Moons
FN-16 Monkey Circles Green FN-17 Hearts on Gray FN-18 Snowmen on Green  FN-19 Coffee FN-20 Hot Chocolate
FN-21 Sm Penguins in Scarves FN-22 Playful Penguins Blue FN-23 Blue Robins FN-24 Paw Prints Brown FN-25 Colorful Snowflakes
FN-26 Penguins on Blue FN-27 Scotty Dogs
FN-28 Bones on Red  FN-29 Frog Faces on Navy  FN-30 Bacon
 FN-31 Happy Snowballs FN-32 Dogs in Sunglasses  FN-33 Monkeys on Cream  FN-34 Jungle Animals on White   FN-35 Horses on Blue
 FN-36 Pizza on Black  FN-37 Deer on Blue     FN-40 Black & Teal Plaid 
FN-41 Blue Plaid FN-42 Biscay Plaid FN-43 Red & Black Plaid FN-44 Red & Gray Plaid  FN-45 Orange & Navy Plaid
FN-46 Sunflower Plaid FN-47 Green & Gray Plaid FN-48 Purple & Gray Plaid FN-49 Yellow & Navy Plaid FN-50 Green & Yellow Plaid
FN-51 Forest Friends Green FN-52 Smores Green FN-53 Adventure Animals FN-54 Fall Pattern Animals  FN-55 Hipster Bunnies
FN-56 Aztec Breeze FN-57 Aztec Red Gray  FN-58 Aztec Brown Mauve FN-59 US Travel FN-60 Soaring Eagles
FN-61 Space Planets FN-62 US Flags      
Boys Flannel
 FB-01 Superhero   FB-02 Little Dinos FB-03 Hot Rods   FB-04 Sharks on Teal  FB-05 Fireman
 FB-06 Cowboy Hats  FB-07 Aliens  FB-08 Woof Woof Squares FB-09 Skulls on Blue   FB-10 Robots on Light Blue
FB-11 Paw Prints on Blue FB-12 Dolphins on Blue FB-13 Sports Black FB-14 Dragon Scales FB-15 Motorcycles on Green 
FB-16 Trucks on Blue FB-17 Whales  FB-18  Beetles FB-19 Dino Bones FB-20 Fuzzy Basketballs 
FB-21 Fuzzy Baseballs FB-22 Little Trucks on Light Blue FB-23 Soccer Balls Green FB-24 Basketballs FB-25 Ahoy
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