Girls Woven Print Fabric Choices


Fabric Choices

Fabrics are for products (bibs & pads) to be sewn. These fabrics are not for Ponchos or Bodysuits.  I do not sell fabric. Please keep in mind that the pics listed here are not 100% accurate. A photo can't really show the exact shading and every monitor will show slightly different.

GIRLS Woven Prints (quilter's fabric)

CG-FL01 Rose Tea Party

CG-FL02 Songbird Jewel

CG-FL03 Bodilla Floral


CG-FL04 Birds, Butterflies, & Flowers

CG-FL05 Red & White Daisies 

CG-FL06 Pack Sunflowers



CG-FL08 Little Daisy Black

CG-FL09 Little Daisy Pink

CG-FL10 Little Daisy Blue


CG-FL11 Little Daisy Teal


CG-FL12 Blue on Brown

CG-FL13 Belle French Spruce 


CG-FL14 Floral on Green

CG-FL15 Big Floral on Purple

 Navy Flower Power

CG-FL16 Navy Flower Power


CG-FL17 Butterfly Floral Purple


CG-FL18 Madison Floral


CG-FL19 Brite Floral on Black

CG-FL20 Babushka Floral 

 Metallic Floral on Brown

CG-FL21 Metallic Floral on Brown


 CG-FL22 Teal Floral Medallions

CG-FL23 Blue Floral Medallions

CG-FL24 Fusion Floral Medallions

CG-FL25 Raspberry Floral Fusion


CG-FL26 Red Floral Medallions


CG-FL27 Red, White, Blue Floral Medallions

CG-FL28 Purple & Turq Medallions

 CG-FL29 Carly Floral


CG-FL30 Got Sunshine

CG-FL31 Floral Paisley

CG-FL32 Flowers Circles Butterflies 

CG-FL33 Pink & Yellow Floral on Blue

CG-FL34 Zinnea 

CG-FL35 Tropical Floral 

CG-AN01 Dogs & Hearts on Pink

CG-AN02 Diva Dogs 

 CG-AN03 Spring Kitties 

CG-AN04 Space Cats 

CG-AN05 Cats on Black 

CG-AN06 Urban Cats Brown

CG-AN07 Owls on Aqua 

CG-AN08 Swans on Blue 


CG-AN09 Orange & Pink Owls on Blue


CG-AN10 Pastel Birds


CG-AN11 Peacocks on Pink

CG-AN12 Lady Bugs on Pink 

CG-AN13 Green Butterfly  

CG-AN14 Pen & Ink Butterflies 

CG-AN15 Tie Dye Butterfly

CG-AN16 Pink Pigs

 Real Deer on Pink

CG-AN17 Real Deer on Pink


CG-AN18  Llamas on Pink

CG-AN19 French Bell Blue 

CG-AN20 French Bell Yellow (sz Large & up only)


CG-AN21 Norwegian Woods


 CG-AN22 Hummingbirds

CG-AN23 Parrots  

CG-PFT01 Castles & Unicorns  

CG-PFT02 Colorful Unicorns Black


CG-PFT03 Unicorns 

CG-PFT04 Colorful Unicorns White 

CG-PFT05 Unicorns & Rainbows

CG-PFT06 Unicorn Scene 

 CG-PFT07 Tiaras 

CG-PFT08 Fairy Princess Pink 

CG-PFT09 Princesses & Unicorn

CG-PFT10 Girl Friends Princesses

 CG-PFT11 Princesses Blue  

CG-PFT12 Big Princesses Pink

CG-PFT13 Frog Prince

Ballet on Black

CG-DNC01 Ballet on Black

Think Positive

CG-DNC02 Ballet on Light Pink

CG-DNC03 Ballerinas on Pink

CG-DNC04 Twirly Ballerinas

CG-DNC05 Swan Lake Ballet

CG-DNC06 Fairies on Navy 


CG-PPL02 MM Lil Cowgirls 

Metallic Floral on Brown

CG-PPL03 Geisha Dolls Dark


CG-PPL04 Japanese Garden Girls


CG-PPL05 Hippie Vans (Large Scale, best for sz M+ bibs)


CG-PPL06 Super Kids Girls

CG-PPL07 Angels on Blue 

Darker Pink Dots

 CG-PTN01 Darker Pink Dots

Lighter Pink Dots

 CG-PTN02 Lighter Pink Dots

CG-PTN03 Aurora Borealis


CG-PTN04 Flamingo Dots

CG-PTN05 MM Purple Dots 

CG-PTN06 Sorbet Dots

CG-PTN07 MM Licorice Dots


CG-PTN09 Ric Rac Stripes 



CG-PTN11 Purple Wallpaper


CG-FD01 Suckers on Pink 

CG-FD02 Cupcakes on Pink 


 LOVE on Black

CG-LV02 LOVE on Black


CG-LV03 Best Friends

CG-LV04 Pink Ribbons

CG-MUS01 Girls Guitars 

CG-MUS02 Pink Guitar Dream 

CG-MUS03 Pink Cowgirl  

CG-CTY01 Paris Blue


CG-CTY02 Paris Coral



CG-CTY04 Paris Black

CG-CTY05 Paris Bonjour 


 CG-OTH01Pink & Metallic Bows

CG-OTH02 Glitter Skulls