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Holiday & Sports


Fabric Choices

Sports Teams Prints
(Handmade items sewn from these fabrics are not officially licensed products.)

Fabrics are for products (bibs & pads) to be sewn. These fabrics are not for Ponchos or Bodysuits.  I do not sell fabric.

SPORT-NFL01 Chiefs 

SPORT-NFL02 Raiders

SPORT-NFL03 Cowboys

SPORT-NFL04 Redskins

SPORT-NFL05 Panthers

SPORT-NFL06 Ravens 


SPORT-NFL07 Eagles

SPORT-NFL08 Patriots

SPORT-NFL09 Steelers White


SPORT-NFL10 Steelers Black

SPORT-NFL11 Steelers Yellow



SPORT-NFL13 Broncos 


SPORT-NFLMM01 Mickey & Minnie Patriots

SPORT-NFLMM02 Mickey & Minnie Cowboys


SPORT-NFLMM03 Mickey & Minnie Packers


SPORT-NFLMM04 Mickey Vikings

SPORT-NFLMM05 Mickey Eagles 


SPORT-NFLMM06 Mickey Broncos

SPORT-NFLMM07 Mickey Raiders

SPORT-NFLMM08 Mickey Redskins


SPORT-NFLMM09 Mickey Seahawks

SPORT-NFLMM10 Mickey Lions

SPORT-NFLMM11 Mickey Steelers



 SPORT-C01 Alabama Paisley


SPORT-C02 Alabama Plates

SPORT-C03 Alabama Patches 

SPORT-C04 Auburn Patches

SPORT-C05 Auburn Paisley 

SPORT-C06 Bulldogs Mascot

SPORT-C07 Bulldog Patches

SPORT-C08 Clemson Mascot

SPORT-C09 Gators Plates

SPORT-C10 Gators Heads

SPORT-C11 Gators Paisley 

 SPORT-C12 Gators Mascot

 SPORT-C13 Kansas Cam 

SPORT-C14 Kentucky Paisley 

SPORT-C15 Iowa Paisley


SPORT-C17 Michigan Patches

SPORT-C18 Michigan Paisley

SPORT-C19 Michigan State Paisley

SPORT-C20 Ohio

SPORT-C21 Oregon Ducks Tone

SPORT-C22 Oregon Orange Camo


SPORT-C23 Oregon Ducks Patches

SPORT-C24 Oregon Mascot

SPORT-C25 Longhorns Mascot

SPORT-C26 Texas A&M Bandana

SPORT-C27 Texas A&M Mascot

SPORT-C28 Texas A&M Plates

SPORT-C29 Texas A&M Paisley


SPORT-C30 Seminoles Mascot

SPORT-C31 Scooners Mascot

SPORT-C32 Carolina Camo 


SPORT-34 Tarheel Patches 



SPORT-BS01 Royals

SPORT-BS02 Orioles

SPORT-BS03 Red Sox 


SPORT-BSMM01 Mickey Yankees

SPORT-BSMM02 Mickey Astros

SPORT-BSMM03 Mickey Brewers

SPORT-BSMM04 Mickey Cubs

SPORT-BSMM05 Mickey Tigers

SPORT-BSMM06 Mickey Indians

SPORT-BSMM07 Mickey Red Sox

SPORT-BSMM08 Mickey Giants

SPORT-BSMM09 Mickey Cardinals

Holiday Prints

HC-01 Red Xmas Spongebob

HC-02 Rudolph Squares

HC-03 Animals in Sweaters

HC-04 MM Red Green Dots

HC-05 MM Christmas Forrest

HC-06 Santa Faces Green

HC-07 Santa Squares

HC-08 MM Green Snowflake Balls

HC-09 Candy Canes & Holly

HC-10 Peppermints


HC-12Snowmen in Circles

HC-13 Santa on Blue 

HC-14Snowmen Faces on Green

HC-15 Christmas Cats

HC-16 Blessed Birth

HC-17 Ornaments

HC-18 Yule Critters

HC-19 Nutcracker Aqua

HC-20 Gingerbread Houses

HC-21 Holiday Gnomes 

HC-22 Christmas Pups

HC-23 Merry Kids

HC-24 Noel on Blue


HC-25 Angels in Globes

HC-26 Holiday Hostess


HC-27 Christmas Angels


HC-29 Santas on Green


HC-31 Navidad

HC-32 Christmas Scotties

HC-33 Snowman Friends

HC-34 Winter Cardinals

HC-35 Wonderland Squares

HC-36 Jingle Polar Bears

HC-37 Christmas Doggies


HC-38 Ice Skates (Glitter)

Christmas Cows

HC-39 Christmas Cows

 Christmas Cows

HC-40 Nutcracker Army

 Christmas Cows

HC-41 Adore Him

HC-42 Hanukkah Stars

HTC-01 Cars Christmas Green


HTC-03 Disney Christmas Blue

TOON-M07 Mickey Holiday Play Red

HTC-05 Elves

HTC-06 Frosty Light Blue

HTC-07 Frosty Circles 

HTC-08 Grinch in Wreaths

HTC-09 Kitty Stockings

HTC-10 Peanuts Christmas






HT-01 Autumn Toss

HT-02 Turkeys

HT-03 Gobble Wobble


HT-05 Turkey Bowl

HH-01 Halloween Monsters Gray

HH-02 Halloween Toss

HH-03 Halloween Squares

HH-04 Eyeballs


HH-05 Pumpkins in Moonlight



HH-07 Halloween Patches

HH-08 Monster Faces

HH-09 Triangle Monsters

HH-10 Spiders on Green

HH-11 Spooky Ghosts 

 HH-12 Witch Jacks

HH-13 Halloween Kids Gray

 HH-14 Black Cats on Purple

Blue Mickey Mouse Heads

TOON-M16 Gray Disney Halloween Cameo

TOON-M17 Mickey Friends Trick or Treat 


TOON-M18 Mickey & Minnie Orange Boo

TOON-GM11 Minnie Pink Halloween FLANNEL

TOON-OD17 Nightmare B4 Xmas 

TOON-OT07 Casper


TOON-GM12 Minnie Fa-boo-lous


TOON-OT10 Peanuts Great Pumpkin 


HP-01 Small Shamrocks

HP-02 Shamrocks








HE-01 Egg Hunt


HE-02 Bunny Garden

HE-03 Easter Bunnies


HE-04 Easter Chicks

HE-05 Chicks & Eggs Glitter 

HE-06 I Meow You Easter

HE-07 Real Easter Eggs



 TOON-M06 Mickey Flags


TOON-OT14 Snoopy July


HV01- I Meow You 

HV02- I Woof You Red

HV03- I Woof You Pink

HV04- Foil Hearts on Red


HV05 Ombre Hearts

HV06 Valentine Hearts on Black

 TOON-OT07 Snoopy Pink Hearts