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Fabrics are for products (bibs & pads) to be sewn. These fabrics are not for Ponchos or Bodysuits. I do not sell fabric. Please keep in mind that the pics listed here are not 100% accurate. A photo can't really show the exact shading and every monitor will show slightly different.

(Handmade items sewn from these fabrics are not officially licensed products.) 

Super Hero

TOON-SH01 Spiderman Burst 

TOON-SH02 Spiderman Rows

TOON-SH03 Spiderman Squares

TOON-SH04 Spiderman Windows

TOON-SH05 Marvel Kawaii

TOON-SH06 Batman Circles


TOON-SH07 Justice League Circles

TOON-SH08 Marvel Hero Packed 

TOON-SH09 Marvel Hero Packed XL (Size Large, XL Bibs ONLY) 

TOON-SH10 Avengers Large

TOON-SH11 Marvel Blue

TOON-SH12 Marvel Red

TOON-SH13 Big Capt America XL (Sz Large, XL Bibs ONLY)   

TOON-SH14 Black Panther 

TOON-SH15 Black Panther Photo

TOON-SH16 Bat Symbols

TOON-SH17 Green Lantern Kids

TOON-SH18 Super Dog

TOON-SH19 Superman Kids

TOON-SH20 Batman Kids

TOON-SH21 Batman Red

TOON-SH22 Super Women

TOON-SH23 Wonder Woman FLANNEL

TOON-SH24 Star Wars Comics  
Movies & TV       

TOON-TV01 Doctor Who

TOON-TV02 Flying Tardis


TOON-TV03 Daleks Gray

TOON-TV04 Dr. Who Line  


Potter Squares Fabric

TOON-TV06 Harry Potter Squares 

Nintendo on Black Fabric

TOON-TV07 Harry Potter Red

TOON-TV08 Minions on Mint

TOON-TV09 Minions Packed

Minions on Red

TOON-TV10 Minions on Red 

Star Wars Multi

TOON-TV12 Star Wars Black Multi

TOON-TV13 Star Wars White 


TOON-TV14 Star War Multi Sugar Skulls

TOON-TV15 Star Wars Black Sugar Skulls 


TOON-TV16 Darth Teal Sugar Skulls 



Walking Dead Fabric
TOON-TV18 Walking Dead 

TOON-TV19 Pets Movie Blue 

 TOON-TV20 Star Trek 

TOON-TV21 Wizard of Oz 

TOON-TV22 Poppy Blue Trolls Smile