R2 and BB8 - Boys sz 5/6 Body Suit- (Altered T-shirt)

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Keep busy hands safely out of pants. Discreetly cover diapers. Protect skin from braces. We do not do g-tube access at this time.

This is a new Disney Store t-shirt. Size 5/6. It is "altered", meaning I add on length making it a snap crotch bodysuit. The fabric I use will be as close to a match as I can, but be aware that there's no way for me to do it in a perfect match. In instances where I don't have a matching fabric, I may use a contrasting or coordinating color. Shirt will be sewn after you order.

It seems that every shirt you buy has a different size cut, please be sure to measure a shirt that you know fits and compare to this one before you buy. This shirt measures approx 13 1/2 inches in width across the chest when laid flat and will be 24 inches in length from shoulder to between the legs. Your child should measure at least 2-3 inches less than finished length in order to fit comfortably and allow for ease of movement.

How to measure for length.

Child should be undressed down to underclothes, diaper should be on if they wear them. Use tape measure starting in the middle between neck and shoulder. Place tape measure along where the seam runs on top. Hold in place with one hand and run the tape measure down body stopping between the legs in the privates area (where the seam would be in a pair of pants)