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Toon, Holiday, & Sports

Fabric Choices (page 3 of 4)

Fabrics are for products (bibs & pads) to be sewn. These fabrics are not for Ponchos or Bodysuits.  I do not sell fabric.

Toon Prints

(Handmade items sewn from these fabrics are not officially licensed products.)

TOON-01 Rescue Bots



TOON-02 Blaze (NO Gtube Pads)


TOON-03 Cars on Red (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-04 Cars on Tan (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON- 05 Dory

Dory & Nemo 

TOON-06 Toy Story Heads

Toy Story Heads

TOON-07 Cars Rule


TOON-08 Muppets

TOON-09 Strawberry Shortcake green (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-10 Strawberry Shortcake Pink 

TOON-11 Strawberry Shortcake Retro



TOON-13 Veggie Tales Bob & Larry

TOON-14 Thomas Circles

TOON-15 Chuggington (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-16 Bat Symbols


TOON-17 Pokemon White

TOON-18 101 Dalmatians Red (NO Gtube Pads)

 TOON-19 Things 1 & 2

TOON-20 Dr Seuss Line
TOON-21 Clifford

TOON-22 Monsters Inc

TOON-23 Toy Story Green (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-24 Toy Story Squares (flannel)

TOON-25 Snoopy Red

TOON-26 Peanuts Yellow

TOON-27  Peanuts Black TOON-28 Scooby Purple (flannel)

TOON-29 Scooby Black

TOON-30 Scooby Gold


TOON-31 Scooby Circles

TOON-32 Sesame Street Blue FLANNEL

TOON-33 Sesame Street Squares

TOON-34 Baby Big Bird (flannel)

TOON-35 Sesame Street Circle Squares (flannel)

TOON-36 So Cute Sesame Street

TOON-37 Elmo Warhol

TOON-38 Skylanders All Over (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-39 Skylanders Multi (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-40 Potato Head Blue

TOON-41 Potato Head Brown

TOON-42 Sheriff Callie

Sheriff Callie

TOON-43 Star Wars Comics (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-44 Marvel Hero Packed (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-45 Marvel Hero Packed XL (Size Large, XL Bibs ONLY)

TOON-46 Spiderman Windows

TOON-47 Marvel Comic Books (NO Gtube Pads)

 TOON-48 Pirates of Caribbean

TOON-49 Spiderman Squares

 TOON-50 Spiderman Burst (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-51 Big Capt America XL (Sz Large, XL Bibs ONLY)

TOON-52 Green Lantern Kids (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-53 Super Dog  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-54 Superman Kids  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-55 Batman Kids (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-56 Spiderman Rows

TOON-57 Batman Red


TOON-58 Super Women


TOON-59 Wonder Woman FLANNEL  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-60 Marvel Kawaii


TOON-61 Doctor Who (NO Gtube Pads)


TOON-62 Exploding Tardis (NO Gtube Pads)


TOON-63 Flying Tardis

TOON-64 Daleks Gray

TOON-65 Dr. Who Line

TOON-66 PJ Masks Hex

TOON-67 PJ Masks Solid

TOON-68 Pooh & Tigger Night (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-69 Pooh Hunny

TOON-70 Pooh Multi (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-71 Pooh on Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-72 Tinker Bell on Blue

TOON-73 Casper  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-74 Buzz & Woody Blue

TOON-75 Baby Pooh FLANNEL (NO Gtube Pads)

 TOON-76 Minnie Friendship

TOON-77 Jake Pirate (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-78 Sofia on Purple

TOON-79 Mickey Handstands Blue

TOON-80 Mickey Mouse Heads Red

 TOON-81 Mickey Friends Blue  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-82 Mickey Toss Red

 TOON-83 This Way Mickey (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-84 Mickey Holiday Play Red

TOON-85 Skating TMNT

TOON-86 Minnie & Daisy

 TOON-87 Minnie Summer


TOON-88 Minnie Fashionista

TOON-89 Minnie Flowers Black

 TOON-90 Minnie Pink Paint


TOON-91 Inside Out Blue (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-92 Inside Out Circles

TOON-93 7Dwarf Trees (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-94 7Dwarf Faces

TOON-95 7Dwarfs Dark

TOON-96 Frozen Blue (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-97 Frozen Purple

TOON-98 Frozen Hero (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-99 Olaf  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-100 Frozen Forever (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-101 Princesses Purple (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-102  Princesses Hot Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-103 Little Mermaid (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-104 Packed Princesses (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-105 Princess Cameo Pink FLANNEL

TOON-106 Princesses 3 on Light Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-107 I am a Princess (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-108 Sleeping Beauty (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-109 Snow White  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-110 Cinderella Ball (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-111 Cinderella Toss (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-112 Mermaid Circles  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-113 Mermaid & Prince  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-114 Belle on Lavender (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-115 Princess Sketch

Princess Sketch

TOON-116 Doc McStuffins Green  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-117 Doc McStuffins Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-118 Doc McStuffins Blue (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-119 Lalaloopsy Scenic (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-120 Lalaloopsy Squares

TOON-121 Dora Purple (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-122 Blue Dora  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-123 Dora w/ Rainbows (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-124 Dora on White (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-125 Dora Dots Blue (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-126 Princess Believe In Yourself


TOON-127 Hello Kitty Bows on Pink (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-128 Hello Kitty White

TOON-129 Hello Kitty Blue

TOON-130 Hello Kitty Black

TOON-131 Barbie Toss (NO Gtube Pads)


TOON-132 Vintage Barbie Black  (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-133 Belle Dark

TOON-134 Minions Packed

TOON-135 Minions on Mint

TOON-136 Minions on Red 

Minions on Red

TOON-137 Paw Patrol Red

TOON-138 Paw Patrol Lite

TOON-139 Paw Patrol Blue 


TOON-140 Marie


 TOON-141 Royal Cuteness


TOON-142 Minnie Faces Teal 


TOON-144 Jungle Book

TOON-145 Olaf & Babies


 TOON-146 Anna & Elsa (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-147 Jasmine & Genie

TOON-148 Bambi

 TOON-149 Dino Toss

TOON-150 Good Dino White


TOON-151 Super Mario Blue


TOON-152 Super Mario Packed

Nintendo Packed Fabric 

TOON-153 Super Mario Black

Nintendo on Black Fabric 

 TOON-154 Harry Potter Squares (NO Gtube Pads)

Potter Squares Fabric

TOON-155 Harry Potter Red (NO Gtube Pads)

Nintendo on Black Fabric 

TOON-156 Surfing TMNT

Nintendo on Black Fabric 

 TOON-157 Black & Blue Star Wars Blocks


 TOON-158 Walking Dead

Walking Dead Fabric

TOON-159 Star Trek (NO Gtube Pads)



 TOON-160 Star War White(NO Gtube Pads)



TOON-161 Star Wars Black Multi

Star Wars Multi 

TOON-162 Star Wars Navy




TOON-164 Paw Patrol Badges



TOON-165 Brown Bear Animals (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-166 Pooh & Friend Balloons


TOON-167 Rainbow Fish 

 TOON-168 Rainbow Fish Scales (glitter)

TOON-169 Curious George Circles

TOON-170 Peppa Pig Pink

Peppa Pink

TOON-171 Peppa Pig Aqua

Peppa Aqua

TOON-172 Princesses 3-4

Princesses Light Pink 3-4


TOON-173 Lion Guard

Lion Guard

 TOON-174 Royal Cubs

TOON-175 Shimmer & Shine

TOON-176 My Little Pony Black

 TOON-177 Blue Mickey Mouse Heads

Blue Mickey Mouse Heads

TOON-178 Mickey Mouse Red MBoy Mouse Red M

TOON-179 Mickey Explorer

Boy Mouse Red M

TOON-180 Disney Tsum Tsum

Boy Mouse Red M

 TOON-181 Mickey Faces Black & White

 TOON-182 WowWow Wubzy (NO Gtube Pads)

TOON-183 Smurfette on Pink


TOON-184 Pets Movie Blue

 TOON-185 Roadster Racers Blue

TOON-186 Rapunzel Purple

TOON-187 My Little Pony Colorful


TOON-188 Princess Listen to Heart

TOON-189 Mickey on Gray

 TOON-190 Moana Blue

TOON-191 Princesses Packed Multi

 TOON-192 Peppa Blue

TOON-193 Paw Patrol Blue

 TOON-194 Vampirina

TOON-195 Muppets Multi

TOON-196 Pete Orange

TOON-197 Pete Yellow

TOON-198 Descendents

TOON-199 Gorjuss Girl

TOON-200 Snoopy July 


 TOON-201 Mickey Flags

 TOON-202 Wizard of Oz

 TOON-203 Mickey Racecars

 TOON-204 Elena Purple


 TOON-205 Elena Aqua


Sports Teams Prints
(Handmade items sewn from these fabrics are not officially licensed products.)


SPORT-02 Oakland

SPORT-03 Pittsburgh

SPORT-04 Washington

SPORT-05  SPORT-06 Charlotte

SPORT-07 Florida

SPORT-08 Auburn

SPORT-09 Carolina

SPORT-10 Kentucky

SPORT-11 Texas

SPORT-12 Ohio



SPORT-14 Kansas Camo

SPORT-15 Oregon Orange Camo

Holiday Prints
H-01 Red Xmas Spongebob

H-02 Rudolph Squares

H-03 Rudolph Blue

H-04 MM Red Green Dots

H-05 MM Christmas Forrest

H-06 MM Sugar Coated

H-07 Santa Squares

H-08 MM Green Snowflake Balls

H-09 Small Shamrocks

H-10 Candy Canes & Holly

H-11 Peppermints

H-12 Snowmen Faces on Green

H-13 Christmas Cats

H-14 Santa on Blue

H-15 Snowmen in Circles

H-16 Merry Christmas Gray

H-17 Autumn Toss

H-18 Turkeys

H-19 Shamrocks (no g-tube pads)

H-20 Halloween Toss

H-21 Halloween Squares

H-22 Eyeballs

H-23 Blessed Birth


H-24 Ornaments


H-25 Monster Faces

H-26 Triangle Monsters

H-27 Spiders on Green

H-28 Gingerbread Houses (no g-tube pads)

 H-29 Yule Critters (no g-tube pads)

 H-30 Nutcrackers (no g-tube pads)

H-31 Peanuts Christmas (no g-tube pads)

H-32 Cars Christmas Green

H-33 Cars Christmas Blue (no g-tube pads)

H-34 Disney Christmas Blue

H-35 Holiday Gnomes

H-36 Christmas Pups

H-37 Elves

H-38 Noel on Blue

H-39 Angels in Globes

H-40 Holiday Hostess

H-41 Christmas Angels

 H-42 Merry Kids

H-43 Jingle Snowmen

 H-44 Gobble Wobble

H-45 Easter Bunnies

 H-46 Easter Chicks

H-47 Santas on Green

H-48 Spooky Ghosts

H-49 Grinch in Wreaths

H-50 Kitty Stockings (no g-tube pads)

H-51 Snowman Cartoon

H-52 Christmas Scotties

H-53 Santa Faces

H-54 Navidad

H-55 Snowman Friends

H-56 Winter Cardinals

H-57 Autumn Leaves

H-58 Pumpkins in Moonlight

H-59 Jacks & Broomsticks

H-60 Bunny Garden

H-61 Chicks & Eggs Glitter

 H-62 Jingle Polar Bears

H-63 Wonderland Squares

H-64 Hanukkah Stars



H-65 Egg Hunt


H-66 Christmas Doggies


H-67 Christmas Cows

Christmas Cows

H-68 Ice Skates (Glitter)

 H-69 Candy Canes & Holly

H-70 Halloween Kids Gray

H-71 Witch Jacks

 H-72 Halloween Squares

H-73 Halloween Monsters Gray






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